Center for Pain and Supportive Care

We don’t just treat pain. We treat people.


Center for Pain and Supportive Care (CPSC), founded by Dr. Lisa Stearns, is nationally and locally recognized as a center for excellence in both cancer and chronic pain management. CPSC's clinical experience indicates that successful pain treatment achieved by focusing on the whole person, improving not only pain relief but also quality of life. Aside from managing pain by traditional measures, Center for Pain and Supportive Care offers a full line of interventional pain management procedures, yoga therapy, fitness and yoga classes, group medical visits and unparalleled experience in implantable pump and electronic stimulation devices.

Cancer Pain Management

Cancer and its treatments can be painful. Patients often experience pain from surgery; from tumors pressing on bones, nerves, or organs; and from chemotherapy and radiation. Each of these kinds of pain can be controlled and kept at a bearable level.

Center for Pain and Supportive Care works with cancer patients to develop a unique pain management and rehabilitation plan based on their type of cancer no matter where they are in their journey.

Using a palliative care model, bringing together a team of healthcare providers, Center for Pain and Supportive Care facilitates the best possible quality of life by attending to a patients' overall health and wellness.

Chronic Pain Management

Center for Pain and Supportive Care values a long-term, comprehensive approach to pain management. The primary concern is helping patients minimize the impact of their health condition on everyday functioning: physical, emotional and social. Reliance on medications alone can increase other symptoms of pain such as fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, stress, anxiety, trauma and depression. A downward spiral can ensue, heightening the burden of chronic pain symptoms and diminishing quality of life.

CPSC thus uses a whole-person approach incorporating medication therapies, interventional procedures, implantable intrathecal pumps and neurostimulators, yoga therapy, behavior health, rehabilitation, physical therapy, nutritional education, and social support opportunities. It is the mission of Center for Pain and Supportive Care to facilitate lasting change, requiring a commitment from healthcare providers, active participation from patients, and continuous support from families and friends.

Movement Therapies

In conjunction with the Center for Pain and Supportive Care mission, movement therapy is an integrative offering allowing those with pain and limited mobility the chance to safely, slowly and gently transition back into an active life. The stretching, strengthening, emotional, mindful and breathing exercises found in our classes and private sessions offer a myriad benefits that have changed the lives of many of our patients.

Group: Medical & Education

A first and only in the state of Arizona, the group visit model at CPSC has been implemented to provide the social, emotional, and physical support patients need to improve their overall quality of life, function and relationships. The traditional way of treating pain leaves patients without the tools to empower positive change for themselves. Group visits give physicians the opportunity and time to truly teach and support through discussion and health presentations that ultimately give patients the resources to manage pain without additional medications or invasive therapies.

Clinical Research

Center for Pain and Supportive Care conducts ongoing research studies as a way to safely develop innovative treatments providing the best possible patient care and education. Dr. Stearns' research at both the early development and late clinical trial stages has contributed to the international expansion of approved treatments for cancer and chronic pain.

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