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Center for Pain and Supportive Care (CPSC), founded by Dr. Lisa Stearns, is nationally and locally recognized as a center for excellence in both cancer and chronic pain management. CPSC’s clinical experience indicates that successful pain treatment is achieved by focusing on the whole person, improving not only pain relief but also quality of life

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Pain Pump

Pain Pumps

Intrathecal Drug Delivery

A Pain Pump (also known as an Intrathecal Drug Delivery System or Targeted Drug Delivery) is a programmable, fully implanted device that delivers medication directly into the fluid filled space surrounding the spinal cord, called the intrathecal space. Patients who experience cancer-related pain, complex chronic pain, or persistent spasticity may benefit from this therapy, especially if pain is uncontrolled despite oral medications or if pain medication causes intolerable side effects. Targeted drug delivery is a safe, proven, and effective way to manage pain with fewer side effects and lower doses than oral medications.

A day in pain is a day lost
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