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CPSC’s Research Team has extensive experience in Phase II – IV Medical Device and Pharmaceutical clinical trials. We’ve participated in a spectrum of cancer-related and chronic pain study protocols, including delivery accuracy of implanted intrathecal pumps, pharmacokinetic studies, and double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies, as well as post-market prospective studies and registries. Clinical Research has been an integral piece of Center for Pain and Supportive Care since its founding in 2008. Through participation in clinical trials, converting observations into publications, and collaborating with industry and peers, Center for Pain and Supportive Care has contributed to innovation and education for the treatment of cancer-related and complex chronic pain conditions.

Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Research Study

Gain access to innovative treatment before it is widely available

Contribute to the advancement of medical care and science

Receive additional, attentive care from the study physician and research staff

If you are a medical device company or a patient looking for more information on current or future trials please fill out the form below and a CPSC representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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Pain Management Clinical Trials

Currently Enrolling

Spinal Cord Stimulator Study for Back and/or Leg Pain

We are currently enrolling patients in this post-market clinical study for patients experiencing back and/or leg pain treated with spinal cord stimulation. The purpose of this study is to characterize the effects of different stimulation patterns on the patient’s pain relief, as well as assess the patients’ satisfaction with the device.

Product Surveillance Registry

We are currently enrolling patients in this Post-market Surveillance data Registry for the continuing assessment of product performance and clinical outcomes. The purpose is to collect “real-world” data to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between a product’s performance and clinical outcomes, as well as the identification of emerging safety or performance issues.


Krisstin Hammond

Clinical Research Coordinator

Krisstin joined the Center for Pain and Supportive Care in 2009 as a Research Assistant and assumed the role of Clinical Research Manager in 2012.  After shadowing Dr. Stearns in the hospital, Krisstin discovered she shared Dr. Stearns’ passion for helping patients during decidedly difficult times and became fascinated with neuromodulation and innovative healthcare treatments. She earned a Clinical Research Associate Certificate in 2012 and became Clinical Research Coordinator Certified through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals in 2014.

While working alongside Dr. Stearns for 11 years, Krisstin developed processes that led to increased data quality, established strategies for enrolling and retaining patients in clinical studies, and improved existing processes to create provider efficiency while conducting study visits during the busy clinic day.

Krisstin has presented on Best Practices in Clinical Research and Standard Operating Procedures for the Informed Consent Processes. In 2022 Krisstin will join as research faculty for the Lisa Stearns Memorial Academy sponsored by Medtronic, one of the largest medical device companies.

Krisstin has co-authored papers with Dr. Stearns on topics including Intrathecal Drug Delivery for Cancer-Related Pain and Assessments of Healthcare Utilization and Cost of Intrathecal Drug Delivery for Cancer-Related Pain.

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