I have been with them for over 8 years and quite a few Doctors. What I do love is the group they have now. Very well trained, caring and compassionate. They offer my trigger point injections, epidurals, and my R.F.A.s. Those procedures really help reduce my pain and keep me out of bed and on my feet. I would highly recommend them.
Beth Berval
When you move across the country with chronic pain from CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), you can’t just find a doctor that can fill your intrathecal pump, you need a doctor that truly understands the complexities of what you’re going through. Fortunately I was able to find the perfect combination of Dr. Lisa Stearns Jennifer Kiser and the entire staff at Center for pain and supportive care.
Andrew Levy
The ladies at Center for Pain and supportive Care, take time with you and give you options where other Doctors don't! I'm glad I was recommend to this office. I have heard stories from others about how they could barely walk etc and how Dr. Stearns and her staff have helped them get better.i can't wait for that to be me! This is a great staff! Highly recommended
Katherine Boyd
This pain center is like home to me. It has by far the most caring staff I have ever had. I have had a pain pump implant since 2013. After moving from Seattle in 2015 I have received a quality of care found nowhere else. I had several pain specialists in WA state. I drive 46 miles one way to get there and I would drive 100.
Pamela Ohare

I’ve been a patient for approximately 7 years. During this time, I’ve had several Intrathecal Pain Pumps implanted for the back and Occipital Nerve Stimulators for chronic headaches. Over time the batteries have expired, and the pumps and stimulators have been surgically replaced. Dr. Stearn’s before her tragic passing was always very helpful. I can’t say enough about the support staff (Front & Back Desk, and Surgery Schedulers) have treated me with respect and always have answered any questions. Jennifer Kiser has refilled my pain pump regularly and always has a smile and “willing ear” to listen regarding how I’m feeling (pain-wise). Jennifer has assisted in all of my surgeries. I’ve never felt hurried and am so GRATEFUL I was referred to the Center for Pain when I moved to Arizona.<br>

Nancy Newman

A day in pain is a day lost
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